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PRAJA has executed various projects in the last 25 years and some of the main challenging ones have been as under:

1986: Maruti Udyog Limited, Gurgaon : Indigenous development of Electrified Monorail            System using local hoist and trailing cable arrangement in 1986.

1993: Ashok Leyland Limited – Hosur II Plant : Setting up of the complete material            handling / automation from BIW to Paint Shop to Assembly Line including complete            process line setup.

1994: Ashok Leyland Limited – Hosur II Plant : Indigenous development of Overhead P&F Systems including bias-banking for the axle painting           with auto loading / unloading system and transfer cars.

1994: TTK Limited, Hosur :   Development of an online arrangement for job to rotate and signal for the painting guns to fire on availability of            job to prevent wastage of Dupont coating paint while moving on the conveyor.

1995: Heavy Commercial Vehicles :  Development of Turn – Over device and supply to all the HCV manufacturers in India to facilitate the           assembly of the axles in an inverted position and turn over the chassis. The system is capable to turn chassis of upto 14 meters long and           weighing a maximum of 6000 kgs.

1996: Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, Nasik : Complete 3-D simulation of Scorpio project with what-if analysis and pre / post breakdown            results.

1996: Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, Nasik : Overhead P&F system with 8 Droplifts, 5 Drives, 10 switching points and complete master           tracking system using Smarteye concept for 9 different models on a common carrier with a PBS (Painted Body Storage) for 90 bodies with           selectivity loop.

1996: Maruti Udyog limited, Gurgaon :  Pick-n-Place system of picking up the different BIW body components from the weld jigs and placing           them onto the welding robot fixture for marriage application.

1996: Yamaha Motors India Limited, NOIDA : Development of Engine testing rotary fixture system for online testing of 2-wheeler                            engines.

1996: Escorts Limited (Tractor Division) : Development and integration of POKE-YOKE concept for engine assembly as a NO-DEFECT forward            concept using basic available tools and feedback from field Data Entry Stations.

2002: Aluminium Industry : Manufacture of various specialized machines for the Aluminium industry in conjunction and design of Kempe,           Australia.

2008: Swaraj Mazda Limited, Ropar :  Development  & supply of 16 meters long platform with lifting arrangement of upto 4 meters height to           allow access for the operator to paint from all sides of a bus body.

2008: Tata Motors Limited, Jamshedpur :  Overhead P&F system for storage and transfer of BIW to Paint Shop with identification system and           selectivity loop using RFID technology.
Supply following for Aluminum Plant in India/Dubai
Anode Casting Station
Butt Loading Station
O/H Power & Free Conveyor System
Butt Storage Loops
Tracking System through SMART-EYE and SCADA
for Rodding Room in Aluminum industry in conjunction with Kempe Technology of Australia